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Whether you choose our hot water or our electric radiant heating kits, there is a Janes Radiant package for you.

Installing a Radiant Heat System

Janes Radiant is the premier solution for Do-It-Yourself homeowners and contractors who want to install in-floor heating as cost effectively as possible. Without cutting corners, we can help you choose the most practical radiant kit or system to provide you and your space with the best, most comfortable kind of heat, After years of installing thousands of systems throughout the northwest, our team is ready to provide all the assistance necessary for you to complete your own installation without worry. Talk to Janes Radiant about getting your project started today-we are here to make your DIY in-floor heat installation project simple and successful.

In-Floor Heating works well heating spaces of all size and use; large warehouses to tiny bathrooms, lavish homes to well-used workshops. Our do-it-yourself kits can be installed and utilized in all sorts of spaces with all sorts of materials: between joists, in a concrete slab, under hardwood or tile, etc. Whether you choose our hot water or our electric radiant heating kits, there is a Janes Radiant package for you.

There are two distinct ways to install a radiant floor heating system. The first is in the floor itself, the other under the subfloor between the joists. In most situations hydronic (water-based) systems are the most efficient. Below are common hydronic installation methods:

Slab on Grade
Tubing is installed over rigid insulation before the concrete slab is poured. Tubing would be tied off to rebar or wire mesh or in some cases stapled directly to the rigid insulation. This provides an efficient high-mass installation.
Tubing Over Plywood with Gypsum Over-pour
Tubing is stapled down over the plywood subfloor and would then be covered by a thin pour of light weight gypsum cement. This provides an efficient high-mass installation.
Pre-fab Panel Systems
Panel systems are for installation over both existing concrete and wood subfloors. The panel systems are pre-engineered and have channels in the aluminum transfer plates where the tubing snaps into place. Floor coverings are then installed over the panel system.
Tubing is stapled to the bottom of the subfloor between the joists using aluminum heat transfer plates. The plates add to the efficiency and response of the installation. Insulation is then installed between the joists under the tubing to help drive the heat upwards.
Sleepers Over Wood Subfloors
Plywood is cut down to provide wooden furring strips that are installed over the subfloor. Tubing is then installed between the sleepers and floor coverings are then installed directly over the sleepers and tubing.

For each of these hydronic installation options Janes Radiant will provide
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Why Install it Yourself?

It's Economical

DIY installation saves you money and in-floor heat, over time, curbs your energy costs.

Where to Install?

New construction, small or large additions, remodels, or existing spaces.

It's Easy

Installation is made simple and works with your home and existing floors.

You're Supported

Our installation manuals are clear, detailed, and easy to follow and we offer free tech support.

How to Get Started:

1) Choose the area you want to heat 2) Call Janes for a quote or to order 3) Receive your kit & manual by mail 4) Install & enjoy!

Why Radiant Heat?

Installing one of our pre-assembled radiant heat packages is extremely easy regardless of your experience with construction or remodels. All of our packages come with highly detailed installation guides and excellent customer support to make sure there are no snags in your installation process.

Still Curious?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding Janes Radiant heating solutions.

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