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Benefits of Radiant Heat

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Janes Radiant can design a system to heighten the comfort level of any space, large or small.

How In-Floor Heating Works in Your House

In-Floor heating, or Radiant Heat, is a system of tubing installed out of sight, right under the your feet. These tubes, organized into a network, are warmed by water, applying heat directly to the floor. Instead of leaving rooms drafty or unevenly heated, like a traditional forced-air heating system might, the express transfer of heat to an object results in a more comfortable, evenly heated space.

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How Radiant Heat Works for You

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Because heat is applied directly to the floor, carpet, furniture, or even people, a radiant heating system generally requires much less energy, and a lower cost, to achieve thermal comfort.

icon: invisibleIt's Cleaner and Healthier

Radiant Heating does not rely on the constant flow of air. As such, the installation of an in-floor heating system will severely diminish the presence of allergens and contaminants within the air you're breathing.

icon: heart in handsIt's Invisible and Quiet

Aside from the comfort of consistent warmth, a radiant heating system is altogether out of sight, leaving zero restrictions on your floor layout or plans for furnishing. Our kits are expertly designed with the highest quality materials, resulting in an extremely quiet operation.

icon: ok symbolIt's Comfortable

An In-Floor heating system heats your space with perfect consistency providing occupants with unparalleled comfort. Because heat is so evenly distributed you won't need to constantly adjust the thermostat or search for the ideal warm spot right by an air vent, a heater, or a fireplace.

Why Radiant Heat?

Installing one of our pre-assembled radiant heat packages is extremely easy regardless of your experience with construction or remodels. All of our packages come with highly detailed installation guides and excellent customer support to make sure there are no snags in your installation process.

Still Curious?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding Janes Radiant heating solutions.

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