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Hot Water Tank & Tankless Systems

Janes Radiant has three different Hot Water Tank/Tankless mechanical panels to choose from: Mechanical panels JR-A, JR-B, and JR-C. All together, our choices of Hot Water Tank/Tankless Panels can cover a wide variety of applications; you can use them to heat spaces large and small, and you can heat the water for your In-floor system while also heating the potable water in your home. Between panels A, B, and C, Janes Radiant has your needs covered when it comes to Hot Water tank and tankless systems.

Our mechanical panels are the cornerstone of our Hot Water In-floor heating solutions. They save you time and money because they arrive pre-assembled and ready to install right out of the box. There is no soldering and no assembly, just plug the system in and let it run. Each of our panels combines proven reliability with affordable pricing resulting in an outstanding product. Call Janes Radiant with any questions at 888-650-0202.

our Panel A shown alongside a gas water heater

Mechanical Panel JR-A

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our panel B shown alongside a 4-port hot water tank

Mechanical Panel JR-B

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our panel C shown below a tankless water heater

Mechanical Panel JR-C

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