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Custom High Efficiency Gas Boiler Systems

Lochinvar is our go-to manufacturer for high quality high efficiency heating equipment. These systems are incredibly versatile in providing heating solutions for your new home or remodel application. By utilizing the Squire add-on hot water tank we can also provide ample amounts of domestic hot water for any project. Our mechanical panels save you time and money because we design and pre-assemble them before shipping so they are ready to install right out of the box. There is typically no soldering and minimal assembly required, just plug the system in and let it run. We pre-program the boiler for your project's needs to ensure the highest efficiencies for your application. Each of our mechanical panels combines proven reliability, unmatched ready-to-install assembly with affordable pricing resulting in an outstanding product every time.

Note: If you already have a boiler or are interested in other brands, we custom-make our panels to suit the boiler and project needs. Call us to see what solution we can provide for you!

Lochinvar Knight Condensing Boiler with mechanical panel and Squire indirect tank

Lochinvar Knight Condensing Boiler

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Lochinvar Condensing Combi Boiler with mechanical panel

Lochinvar Combination Boiler

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