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Hot Water OR Electric - Which is right for you?

Janes Radiant offers both choices of radiant heating systems. We can help you design a custom hot water heating system utilizing a variety of different components and heat sources for projects of any size. We can also provide you with electric cable systems for either floor warming or heating applications. The decision between hot water and electric has many variables from location of the project, size of the project and even the intended installation method. Our team here at Janes Radiant will help walk you through your choices and work with you to find and design the ideal system to meet your needs.

Do It Yourself Hot Water Radiant Heating Package

Hot Water Radiant Systems

Hot Water Radiant Systems heat your space by running heated water through tubing in the floor or by more conventional means that utilize radiators or baseboards. The water is heated by a boiler or in some cases a hot water tank or tankless water heater. Our custom designed mechanical panel then circulates the water through your home to provide the most comfortable and efficient heating system you'll ever see. Like most home heating systems our hot water radiant systems are thermostatically controlled from within the home. Talk with a Janes Radiant sales and design representative today and find out if your existing hot water tank or mechanicals will work with your new system or let us design you a completely new state-of-the-art radiant system.

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  • Highly Efficient

    It's proven that the operation of in-floor hot water radiant heating systems can save you up to 30-40% over conventional forced air systems.

  • Widely Applicable

    Hot water systems can be designed to suit a multitude of different applications. They can utilize virtually all fuel sources and in some applications the home's domestic hot water can also be produced from the same system.

  • Installation Made Easy

    Janes Radiant will build you a custom, pre-assembled kit system with installation schematics and manuals that you can install yourself, right out of the box.

Do It Yourself 240 Volt Electric Cable Radiant Heating Kit

Electric Heating Cables

Electric Radiant cable systems work by utilizing electric resistance to heat from underneath the floor. Because these systems do not rely on the transfer of heated water they are very simple to install and maintain. Additionally the Infloor Electric Cables, whether High Output or Low Profile, can be used with a variety of floor coverings: stone, tile, ceramics, hardwoods and even carpet. This flexibility in design is meant to ensure that your installation is unencumbered by the floor coverings in your home. Electric Radiant systems are ideal for that small space that is always cold, whether it is a remodel or new construction. Have a Janes Radiant design specialist work with you to design an electric cable system to fulfill any of your home's heating needs.

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  • Comfortable

    Our electric cable systems can heat your space nearly as well as a hot water system but with the cost of electricity they may be more expensive to operate when used in larger applications.

  • Specific Application

    Electric cable systems are designed for smaller spaces and single room applications. They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and small additions. The electric cables are intended to be installed directly under tile or in some cases into concrete or self-leveling compound if floor coverings other than tile are to be used.

  • Simple Installation

    There are fewer components needed when installing electric cable systems. Our kits come complete with digital programmable thermostats and all needed hardware. We will work with you to design an electric radiant system to precisely suit your needs.

All Janes Radiant Heat Kits Include

  • Personal design consultation to plan your project
  • A customized plan prepared by trained professionals
  • Comprehensive, illustrated installation guide
  • Highest-quality pre-fabricated parts
  • Three-year all inclusive parts warranty
  • Free phone and email technical support

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