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Geothermal In-Floor Heating Systems

With Our Geothermal In-floor Heating Systems You Get:

Geothermal sourcing can be the most energy efficient, cost efficient and environmentally clean method available today for heating and cooling. Coupling a geothermal system with an in-floor heat system, an associated cooling system and hot water heating creates the most comfortable, healthy, and efficient living environment possible in your home. Geothermal systems are 4-5 more efficient than high-efficiency gas systems, and the payback can be a short 4-8 years. The Janes Geothermal Radiant Heating System Packages can make all of this happen for you as you build your new home. By utilizing a geothermal system by the Janes Company, you will have a balanced system for the greatest efficiency, comfort, and reliability.

Geothermal Heat Pumps with indirect tank and mechanical panel

DIY Geothermal Heating & Cooling Packages

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